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As a forward-thinking proponent of the specialty pharmacy space, Connexus Technology has long been dedicated to empowering specialty pharmacies with industry leading technology tools. This commitment to excellence in clinical care has led us to create our latest platform that fluently joins pharmacy management with cutting edge technology.

NexusRx is a fully customizable specialty pharmacy platform that equips pharmacies with the technology to efficiently manage clinical workflow. It is specifically designed to integrate with existing pharmacy management systems to eliminate common redundancy issues and increase operational efficiency. With NexusRx, your pharmacy will be well positioned to provide your patients with the attention and support they deserve.

Some of the key benefits of NexusRx:

  • Rx Specialty Management
  • Automated workflow
  • Out-of-the-box clinical protocols
  • Intuitive real-time dashboard
  • Contractual Manufacturer/payer/prescriber reporting
  • User based roles/privileges
  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • Pharmacy management system integration
  • Cloud based
  • Mobile ready


Factors such as the high cost of specialty drugs, side effects, and meticulous treatment cycles for chronically ill patients make it critical to have a system in place that can provide clear workflow visibility. NexusRx provides precise action triggers for your clinical workflow in a single dashboard view. At a glance, you are able to determine what tasks are outstanding and what actions need to be taken by your team. Users are given the flexibility to customize the clinical workflow experience to the needs of any specialty pharmacy.

Pharmacy teams are empowered with task assignment and ‘to-do’ reminder capabilities to ensure efficiency—leaving more time to provide quality patient care services. Real-time system alerts give users the assurance that no important dates will fall through the cracks. These activities and other important data are captured within NexusRx’s robust reporting engine—which provides precise analytics for pharmacies to measure growth, trends and profitability.

Custom Dashboard

NexusRx provides detailed visibility with a real-time custom dashboard at it's users fingertips. Keep track of prescription status, location, and even team efficiency.


Real-time Notifications

Learn of your action items the exact moment they are triggered. NexusRx seamlessly guides you through your entire workflow with intuitive system alerts.

Clinical Pathways

Quality healthcare outcomes depend upon patients' adherence to recommended treatment regimens. Pharmacies need to be equipped with assessments and treatment strategies that provide a clear understanding and plan of action for patient journeys.

NexusRx has partnered with industry leading clinicians to provide precise and efficient treatment protocols. These guidelines were carefully constructed to address the most common treatment and disease hurdles.

Our diagnosis types include (but are not restricted to):

  • Dermatology
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Hepatitis C (oral and injection)
  • HIV
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis



As specialty pharmacies grow in size, so does the opportunity to obtain new data contracts with growing manufacturers and payers. The intricacies of these contracts often make for an arduous process for new pharmacies. Inconsistencies are caused by data collection breakdowns, human error, and insufficient quality checkpoints.

Business decisions become easier when operational performance statistics are at your fingertips. NexusRx was designed to handle stringent manufacturer/payer requirements and save pharmacies time and money. Data produced by NexusRx passes through several quality check points before being sent to pharma data stakeholders. This assurance of data integrity prevents pharmacy headaches, such as loss of reimbursment, and even rescinded contracts. The NexusRx reporting engine allows you to create and generate canned and custom reports on the fly. From performance analytics, to tracking your most efficient time of the workday--all captured data is reportable to the end user.


Multiple data entry is a common grievance in the world of pharmacy management. Users are looking to provide efficient patient care without wasted time and redundancy. NexusRx provides the solution to that problem.

Nexus Exchange serves as our platform's comprehensive and powerful back-end integration middleware to connect you with your current data warehouse. It is designed for rapid interoperability between healthcare IT systems, regardless of technology or standards. It's proven technology works between different systems and across organizations, providing seamless connectivity to NexusRx.

Nexus Exchange provides all the tools and technologies required for healthcare integration; including libraries of common standards and preconfigured support for healthcare protocols.

Nexus Exchange empowers pharmacies to:

  • Connect disparate systems quickly through NexusRx
  • Conform to all Healthcare integration standards
  • Save time and improve productivity in deploying interfaces


  • MBE/DBE Certified
  • System for Awards Management (SAM)
  • National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
  • Office of Business Diversity / Office of Economic Opportunity (DBE / OEO)
  • Pennsylvania Unified Certification Program
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  • Cage: 33DG6


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